Welcome to the virtual home of Elle Fredrix, clean romance author!

It won’t take much for you to figure out it’s been a while since I last blogged. In fact, the last time I posted this site was hosted by Blogger, and that was several years ago. However, I’ve moved things across to my domain, and I’m getting back in gear.

I’m just getting ready to self-publish my first full length clean romance novel. This is something I wrote several years ago, when I was serial submitting to Harlequin—and getting serial rejections despite praise for my writing. Well, much like the winds of change that hit the music industry and the way tracts are sold and bought, the publishing industry has seen some significant changes in the last few years as well. Several years ago, I wouldn’t have even considered self-publishing as it still had something of a stigma about it. Authors and readers have changed that.

So I thought I would throw my hat in the ring. And I wanted to stick to what I was writing years ago, and that’s clean romance novels. There’s no shortage of erotica and those who write it, but I constantly hear of readers trying to find clean stories. They can be tough to find, and the fact that there aren’t any industry guidelines—and rightfully so—for clean or sweet romance, finding what you’re looking for can be something of a challenge. And the authors that use a “clean” or “sweet” keyword tag when publishing their ebooks to amazon, when their books are clearly neither, don’t help.

In line with that, I’ve decided to start my own small press, Prerogative Press. We’re branding it as a clean romance line, with the tagline “Keeping it Clean.” If you want to be assured that you’re getting a clean read, look for our branding.


We’ll be publishing short stories as well as category length—50-55K words—novels. For the time being I’ll be the sole writer for the line, but my expectation is to bring on a few other clean romance authors. When that will happen, I don’t know. I’ll also continue to offer free stories to read-a-romance.com, and I plan to start adding freebies here as well, so keep posted!

Anyway, I just wanted to reintroduce myself to the blogosphere. My hope is to blog once or twice a week.

If you know anyone that prefers to read clean romance, please direct them here, or just share us!