About Me

Elle Fredrix is the author of clean romance novels published by Prerogative Press. She grew up in Toronto, Ontario, Canada but has left the big city behind and now lives on the shore of Lake Ontario with her family.

It’s only in the last few decade or so that Elle began thinking of herself as a writer. Until then, if you asked her about her creative side, she would have called herself a storyteller—another label that didn’t quite fit since she didn’t share her stories. But as far back as her memory spans, her brain has been busy creating complex stories for her own amusement.

A voracious reader since her teens, Elle says there were times she thought, “I could do this. I could write a book.” Although she shared these thoughts with friends and family, it would be many years before she decided talk was cheap. It was time to put her words into action and prove to herself that she really could write a book.

(Switching from my serious, 3rd person announcer’s voice to my cheerful, 1st person, me voice.)



• My family (Well of course!)
• My crew (The best gang of friends a girl could have!)
• Cottaging (A motorless lake, canoeing on it, the loons—the ones I’m related to and the feathery kind.)
• Gardening (A recent discovery. Ah, suburbia.)
• October (Crisp clear days, spectacular foliage. Who could ask for more?)
• The first snowfall of the season (After that, I’ve had enough. I wanna be done with winter.)
• Electrical storms (The louder and brighter the better.)
• Pizza (There are some things you just don’t need to expand on.)
• The theatre (Shakespeare, Broadway, you name it.)
• The symphony (Now that your perception is skewed, read on!)
• Rock, Pop, Hip Hop (Does that round out the theatre/symphony deal?)
• All things piano (Except most of my teachers.)
• German Shepherds (Actually, big dogs in general.)
• Technology (Yep, I’m a techno geek. Creating this site was just as much fun as making up stories and writing them down. Uh, and easier. Hmmm.)
• Sci-Fi (TV & Movies)


• I’d rather poke my eyeballs out than watch any kind of sporting event (Yeah, that causes some problems.)
• Country music (‘nough said.)
• Girly girls (Okay, I don’t want to denigrate, so I shouldn’t say hate. I’ll learn to tolerate.)
• Beer (Eeeeww! How can people drink that stuff?)
• Prolonged heat & humidity (Since I live in southern Ontario, sucks to be me!)
• Spiders (But I’m a big girl, I kill my own.)