NaNo – Day 5

It’s a sad face day! For a few reasons. Last night I started coughing before I went to sleep. Didn’t think much of it.Day 5 = 546 before work this morningTotal = 9,356By noon I had a fever! Now a fever is a good thing, it means my body is fighting...

NaNo – Day 4

Man, my little fingers are on fire! The keyboad is going to start smoking.Day 4 = 2,298Total = 8,810Now, I wanted to be at 10K today, but since I’m still a few thousand past target, I’m not going to complain!So, how is everyone else doing?

NaNo – Day 3

Another good day today! Not as much as I was hoping for, but still better than a poke in the eye.Day 3 = 2,755Total = 6,012I’m pretty amazed at myself, I gotta say. I’ve never written so much, so fast. Here’s hoping I can keep up the pace!

NaNo – Day 2

Okay, I didn’t do as much as yesterday, but I’m still feeling stoked.Day 2 = 1,091Total = 3,224I’ve set aside some writing time this weekend, so let’s hope I don’t get too distracted by life!I’ve got a sad face to use on days I...

NaNo – Day 1

Okay, put your hands in the air and wave them around with me.Day 1 = 2,133 words.Woohoo! Was it a fluke or can I do it again? Stay with me people, and we shall see.


No TT today, gang. For the next month, all my free time, and some that isn’t free, is going to be spent writing.At least, that’s the plan.For those that aren’t in the know, November 1st marks the beginning of National Novel Writing Month. The object is to write 50K...