Coming Soon!

Welcome to Crabapple Landing!

This small town on the US east coast is the setting for my new series. The first book should be available sometime in 2018, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, the site is undergoing a huge redesign as well, so links may not work, and pages may be empty. Everything should be working soon.


Elle’s Clean Romance Novels

About my Books

What you should know about the books I write.

My books fall under the Clean and Wholesome category, but they aren’t Inspirational. Having said that, they may still appeal to Inspirational readers.

You will not find sex or violence in any book written by me, or published under my Prerogative Press banner, although there may be brief references to past experiences. While you can expect to find tender moments that could include kissing or hugging, it stops there. In word and action.

I have a huge vocabulary and love to sling words, but none of them will be profane, or swear words. Prerogative Press’ tagline is “Keeping it Clean.” That applies to language as well.

I hope you like to read what I like to write! And if you know others searching for “clean romances,” please spread the word!

If you are a writer, I also make premade book covers. Cheap book covers!